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40 years trial experience with DEA, Customs, BATF, IRS & FBI and as a Trial Consultant. Expert testimony accepted on more than 300 occasions in state and federal courts in 17 states and Puerto Rico.
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EW #13799 was called "America's top undercover cop for 25 years" by 60 Minutes is one of the most decorated supervisory agents in the history of DEA. Some of his cases are considered benchmarks in law enforcement and have been the subject of books, movies and intensive media coverage. He is also a New York Times best-selling author, lecturer and law enforcement instructor. As an investigative journalist his essays and articles have appeared nationwide.

His radio show "THE EXPERT WITNESS” has been aired in York City on 99.5 FM since 1997 and features interviews and discussions with some of Americas top experts, lawyers, judges and law enforcement experts.

His law enforcement service includes the following positions:
- Supervisory Officer FBI/DEA Task Force (New York);
- Group Supervisor New York Drug Enforcement Task Force;
- Airport Group Supervisor in the Vice President’s South Florida Task Force;
- DEA Country Attaché Argentina and Uruguay;
- DEA Inspector of Operations (DEA’s Office of Professional Responsibility);
- Special Operations Officer DEA Headquarters;
- Desk Officer Cocaine & Heroin Desks, DEA Headquarters;
Police Instructor, DEA’s Office of Training;
- Assistant Group Supervisor, Hard Narcotics Smuggling Division of Customs, Port of New York and more.
-Special agent with BATF, DEA, Customs & IRS
- Chief, Barnstable County Sheriffs Dept. Drug Bureau.

During the past 40 years, Michael’s expert testimony (both for the defense and prosecution/plaintiff) has been accepted in more than 300 civil and criminal trials internationally and domestically covering the following areas:
- Narcotic Enforcement (all areas);
- Use of Force;
- Police Misconduct;
- Undercover Tactics (all areas, including shoplifting and the obtaining of homicide confessions);
- RICO investigations (civil and criminal);
- Informant Management and Corroboration, (all areas including jailhouse snitches):
- Asset Seizures;
- TITLE III [Wiretap and bug] investigations;
- Controlled Delivery Investigations;
- Entrapment by undercover agents and/or informants;
- Money laundering;
- smuggling, (including "blind mule," coerced and/or unwitting participation testimony);
- investigative process and procedures (all areas);
- Investigative Report Writing;
- Use of sniffer dogs (canine);
- Trafficker codes
- Investigative Process and Procedures (all areas).
- Immigration deportation proceedings based on violations of narcotic laws.
- Internet Drug Trafficking.
- Medical Marijuana
- Drug Related Immigration Matters.

Since his retirement from Active Service in 1990, EW #13799 has been retained on more than 200 occasions, (both civil and criminal cases) most cases ending in out-of-court agreement or settlement. A complete list as per Rule 26, will be furnished on request.

Services Performed as Trial Consultant/Expert Witness/Investigator:
1. Review and comment upon case materials.
2. Prepare Expert Witness Reports, statements and affidavits.
3. Provide Expert Testimony.
4. Aid in the formulation and design of defense and/or plaintiff strategy and theory.
5. Aid in the design of Cross-examination of law enforcement officers and supervisors.
6. Aid in the formulation of Defense and/or Plaintiff Discovery Requests.
7. Aid in the preparation of opening statements and summations.
8. Supporting Investigative Activities, including the location and debriefing of witnesses.

NYS Private Investigators License and Pistol Carry Permit.


1958 -1961 US Air Force:
Military Police School Sentry Dog Handling School

IRS Intelligence Schools:
Special Agent School
(Tax Fraud Investigations)
Tax Law School

US Treasury Schools:
Treasury Law Enforcement Academy

BATF Schools
ATF Investigator School
Bomb Investigation and Weapon Schools
Executive Protection School.
Seminars on Crime Scene Investigation.
Seminars on Gun Crimes.

US Customs Schools
Customs Special Agent Academy
(Enforcement of all US Custom laws).
Conspiracy Investigations Seminar.
Sky Marshal Training Course.
DEA Schools
Senior and Mid Level Management Schools, Police Instructor School
(Multiple Seminars given by various US Attorneys offices and DEA - Conspiracy/RICO).
Two seminars on money laundering investigations.
Numerous seminars on Title III investigations given by U.S Attorneys offices, as well as DEA Training Division.
Drug Related Homicide seminar.
Drug Related Death Seminar (Dr. Michael Baden).
Methamphetamine investigations seminars.
Seminars on Crime Scene investigations given by NYPD .
Intelligence Gathering Principles, (given by CIA).
Internal Security Inspectors School
Executive Protection (given by Secret Service)
State Department Schools while in DEA:
Foreign Service Institute (foreign Diplomacy and diplomatic Spanish)

1958 - 1961 US Air Force - served as military police officer and sentry dog handler. Strategic Air Command - Base Security Division of Air Police.

EW #13799 was considered one of the most decorated agents in DEA’s history. His awards include the Octavio Gonzalez Award, given by the International Narcotic Enforcement Officer's, for the undercover penetration of the Roberto Suarez, Bolivian cocaine cartel; the, then, biggest case in drug war history, along with more than 44 other Justice and Treasury Department awards, and awards from foreign police agencies. (A complete list furnished on request).

- Deep Cover, nonfiction, New York Times bestseller, (Delacorte Publishers, March 1990, since republished by special arrangement between the Author’s Guild and iuniverse-numerous foreign translations).
- Fight Back , How to Take Your own neighborhood Back From the Drug Dealers (Dell Publications). Recommend reading by the Clinton Administration Drug Policy Office for communities with drug problems.
- The Big White Lie, (Thunder's Mouth Press), nonfiction, co-written by my wife, LAURA KAVANAU was published October, 1993 (Numerous foreign translations).
- The Triangle of Death, also co-written with Laura Kavanau, published August, 1996 (Delacorte).
- Contributing writer in the Cato Institute Book After Prohibition (April 2000.
- Contributing essayist in Into The Buzzsaw, Edited by Kristina Borjesson. (Prometheus, March, 2002).

The following is a list of publications and articles from 1994 to 2004:
- “King Rat” article on Informant Entrapment, based on documented cases taken from the author’s experience. Published by Utne Reader, and many other venues.
- “Going Bad” article on corruption in the war on drugs, based on cases taken from the author’s experience, Spin magazine and republished in numerous other venues.
- “A Time Warner Executive Executes Cops” opinion piece published in New York Newsday, The NARC Officer, and other venues, concerning the murder of law enforcement officers inspired by certain rap music pieces irresponsibly released by music company executives.
- “The Expert Witness” published by Texas Lawyer Magazine.
- “That Nightmare Moment” (use of deadly force), published by the Los Angeles Times.
- "Blind Mules- Fiction or Fact" (on unwitting participation in drug trafficking)

EW #13799 has appeared as a guest/expert on the following nationally televised shows: Rivera Live, 60 Minutes, Donahue, Geraldo Rivera (both Daytime show and Rivera Live), Inside Edition Good Morning America (3 times), NBC Morning Show, CBS Morning Show, MacNeil Lehrer News Hour (interviewed by Charlene Hunter Gault), Dick Cavett (2 times), 9 Broadcast Plaza, Bill Moyers (2 times), Like It Is (Gil Noble, 2 times), Dan Rather News (several times), 20/20 (ABC), CBS Eye On America, Night Watch, Crier Report (Fox News Net), Crossfire, HBO documentary on undercover work; Arts and Entertainment Movie Undercover, and more. Most recently can be seen on the History Channel in the Mike Wallace’s “20th Century Special “Losing the Drug War.”

EW #13799  has appeared as an expert on various law enforcement related topics on numerous local television shows around the country including Miami, New York, Connecticut, Westchester County, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Boston, Cape Cod, Portland, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Atlanta and more. I have also made guest appearances on hundreds of local and national radio shows around the country.

He also been retained by Spelling Productions as technical consultant in a television series “Kingpin” based on Mexican drug trafficking and government corruption; and by SONY PICTURES in “STREET TIME”-a series based on the handling of a criminal informant.

Since his retirement from DEA on 1/1/1990, EW #13799 has been retained as a trial consultant on more than 200 occasions. Most have resulted in plea-bargaining arrangements and/or out-of-court settlements. A full list, as per Rule 26, will be furnished on request.
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